Healthcare Design in Action


Very interesting and informative. Thank you for sharing some of the steps required to make the planning of a surgical room more efficient.

Carolyn Reese, September 19, 2013

Super cool post. I had a similar but different experience at an orthopedic hospital walking the support core with a view into live 16 OR’s. The choreography and focus of the staff was unbelievable as 16 OR’s hummed along and everyone did their part in an elaborate dance. However ortho was very different, it was like a bunch of carpenters hammering, sawing, and drilling away. It was very physical work. No robots……yet.

Kevin Sullivan, September 21, 2013

Thanks Carolyn and Kevin! It is very informative to actually see how our clients use their spaces. I hope that we are able to “job shadow” for more of our projects, healthcare or other.

Elizabeth Cox, September 24, 2013

Great post, Elizabeth – sounds like a very valuable experience. It’s great hear about everything you’re thinking about in designing these spaces.

Alix Kottke, September 30, 2013