The Sculpture in the Garden


Does the sculpture sybolise anything? From the pictures, i really cant tell what they are trying to make here. Are they going for a more abstract sculpture? I would think that because the sculpture is so close to a hospital, it mught be in a shape of a skeleton or something. It kind of looks like a horse right now.

Shawn, November 29, 2012


The sculpture has been named “The Promise” after a poem Albert Paley wrote about his sculpture. The sculpture serves as an archway to the entrance to the Children’s Hospital. I can’t speak for Mr. Paley, but from what I understand/see, it is an abstract form with free flowing shapes symbolizing hope and change. There are subtle hints of water, fish, the sun, clouds, birds, and even the profile of children’s faces at one of the “legs” of the sculpture. Color was added to make aspects of the sculpture more literal, given that the site is a children’s hospital. Up lights around each of the “legs” and perimeter spot lights were incorporated in the sculpture plaza design to enhance the effect of the sculpture at night.

The scale / height of the sculpture helps to connect the landscape to the building. Children will be able to experience the sculpture throughout the building. For example, when a child is in a patient room, s/he can look out of the window and see the sculpture from a different vantage point and see elements not obvious from the entryway.

During the Dedication on 11/13, Mr. Paley told the crowd that the sculpture is whatever the viewer makes of it, whatever moves the individual and encouraged everyone to respond differently.

For more information regarding Albert Paley’s work, visit his studio website:

Nicole, Designer, November 29, 2012

I’ve found art is often meant to be abstract, strange and somewhat startling. It’s rather exciting to discover what different interpretations and experiences we each bring to a piece of art.

Karen, Graphic Designer, November 29, 2012

Thank you for the name of the sculpture by Albert Paley. As the campus shuttle riders watched the sculpture being revealed, it invoked a different response from each person. The Promise is an extraordinary masterpiece.

Mardi Sawyer, November 29, 2012