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In home building, we always have a discussion amongst home builders, to have a check and balance of best practices of the industry. Though this is not well practiced in other home building communities, those whom I have know for a long time in the business, we share ideas and best practices as home builders, without putting ourselves in a very compromising position (after all, this industry is also very competitive). We all work hand in hand to ensure that we are updated of construction laws or policies.

fred, January 31, 2013

It is really wonderful to have an outlet to discuss big ideas that interest us all. We often keep our Architecture Forums away from a discussion of our firm’s practice because this is meant to explore larger questions of the practice of architecture.

Karen Robichaud, Payette, January 31, 2013
an ethnographic experiment conducted at the Manchester art gallery through the eyes of an architectural learner.

Ankshita Makhija
(University of manchester)

ankshita makhija, February 24, 2017