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I am interested in submitting a proposal for Payette’s Annual Day of Service! We are a local non-profit organization that serves the community of East Somerville.

Jen Atwood

Jennifer Atwood, October 15, 2019

The VNA of Eastern Massachusetts was founded in 1906 by local women in Somerville to bring desperately needed health are into people’s homes. In 1999, we built the first VNA owned and operated assisted living facility for low income seniors and disabled persons at 259 Lowell Street in Somerville, and a second residence at 405 Alewife Brook Parkway in Somerville in 2008. We now provide safe, dignified homes for over 200 disadvantaged residents would have been destined to spend the rest of their lives in nursing homes, homeless or worse. Recently the Little Sisters of the Poor in Somerville announced that they are withdrawing from the Somerville community and are looking an non-profit organization that will honor their mission of providing homes for over 100 low income seniors and disabled. The VNA is ideally suited to continue that mission and will be retro fitting the top 2 floors of their 6 story building into 500 square foot apartments, converting the space from SRO to one bedroom apartments. We will need assistance developing preliminary plans to submit for funding. Since we will be gut renovating, an existing structure we will need an architectural team that can assist us in that regard. It would be wonderful to have the Payette Team assist us in this effort! Thank you! Linda Cornell President/CEO 6177182200

Linda Cornell, November 5, 2019