Integrating VR/AR in the Architectural Workflow


Current processes do not facilitate real-time collaboration and prevent decisions from being made immediately. Using the power of immersive computing and applying virtual reality to real-world projects, we can actually reduce the number of iterations and the amount of time taken to move through each stage.

While the time taken at each stage during a traditional design process is significant, one of the biggest risks is the lack of common understanding due to different levels of interpretations by various stakeholders.

VR solutions in architecture are able to bring all stakeholders to the same level of understanding and even decrease the time taken to finalize design through immersive design and ensure better collaboration.

I’ve seen how has developed a VR-based, fully immersive product that improves design collaboration between stakeholders and has been helping architects to overcome visualization problems for the past year. For anyone who’s facing similar issues, it may be worthwhile to check out Trezi.

Smartvizx, August 29, 2019